all the details:

What is your approach on the wedding day?

I'm hands off during moments; the ceremony, reception, reactions. I actively work on anticipating moments, letting them happen and capturing the beauty in each little thing. You won't find me with huge lighting equipment, clumsy tripods, or stands. I like to blend in and be un-obstructive - those sweet little moments, chatting with your dad before you walk down the aisle, grandpa taking grandma for a spin on the dance floor - you'll only notice it was captured when viewing your gallery, not during the moment. I do however, always direct and step in when I need to - moving your dress, slightly rearranging a table setting, coordinating beautiful photos of your jewelry, the invitations, your bouquet - all making sure your images are artfully composed. Directing during portraits for luminous light and flattering angles to make you both shine and look your best on your special day. I am a photographer of love and light. I document the stunning details, the effusive love in a quiet moment together and the true beauty of your wedding day.


What is your photography style?

I love to call myself a 'photographer of love & light'. My images are sun-drenched, ethereal, luminous, and romantic with an editorial feel. Dreamy, bright and crisp photos with an elegant and timeless quality.  

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I accept all major credit cards. I accept checks and Paypal. In order to book and hold your date on my calendar, a non-refundable retainer and signed contract must be submitted.

What kind of cameras do you use, film or digital?

I love film and shoot with the mind of a film photographer, but I shoot digital (much to my father's dismay...he was a film photographer and says us digital photographers have it entirely too easy) I only use professional grade bodies and lenses.

Do you have backup equipment?

YES YES YES - of course! I bring at least 1-2 backups of everything from cameras, memory cards, to batteries, and often times will have a second shooter with me who will have the same equipment and backups as well. I've got you covered!

Do you shoot weddings alone?

Depending on the level of investment, I will bring either an assistant or second photographer. 

If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

Of course! I always ask if you'd like me to stay longer, especially if you have a grand exit planned (or spontaneously planned!). I do charge my overtime rates on the night of the wedding and regular hourly rates if you decide for additional hours before the wedding date. 

How many photos do you shoot at a wedding, how many do we get to keep?

Each wedding varies and will depend on the level of investment, but I typically deliver 50-100 edited high res photos for every hour of coverage.

How much time should we set aside for portraits on our wedding day?

Ideally, 45-60 minutes for couple portraits, 30 minutes for wedding party photos, 20-45 minutes for family photos (depending on the size of your families. I always suggest designating a family member or bridesmaid (or both!) to be in charge of 'wrangling' family and friends for the formal photos.

How many black and white photos will we get?

Around 10-20% of the entire body of images will be black and white. Most of the black and white images will be during the reception.

Do you retouch your photos?

When it comes to retouching, I believe that Less is more. I'm much more concerned with whats going on in the photo than what I can do to the photo. I do not airbrush any photos, however I can get rid of those pimples or a pesky trashcan in the background. All the photos that you will receive in your final gallery will be edited to have a consistent, natural look. Any photos that you use to purchase printed items (your album, prints, canvases, save the date cards, etc) will have a 'final retouching' done before ordering. Additional or extensive retouching will be $25 per hour.

When will our photos be ready?

You will have an online 'sneak peek' up on the blog within 2-3 weeks and a final online gallery of all of your images within 8-10 weeks. Album design will take up to four weeks from the time your gallery is presented, and an additional 4-6 weeks, once ordered, for it to be handmade and shipped.

How do you store our images and for how long?

I have multiple backup external drives, in addition to a Cloud system that is backed up with every event. Your online gallery is also backed up for an additional 10 years. So even in cases of fire or theft, your photos will be safe. I will keep your images on my hard drives for 1 year after I deliver your online gallery. I suggest copying your photos to a USB/CD/etc and keeping a copy in a safety deposit box and backing up your files on another device immediately upon download. Remember, USBs and discs have a shelf life of 10 years until data can become corrupted.

Do we get the Copyrights or a Print Release for our photos?

Printing rights are released with the purchase of the High-Resolution files (included in several of the Wedding Collections), which allows printing for personal use. Example: Printing photos out to display in your home/office or for family and friends, posting it up on your personal facebook page or Instagram, etc.

 Regardless of obtaining the Print Release for the images, I highly recommend that all prints be ordered through my professional print lab (via your personal online gallery) for color and quality. I intentionally post-process each image to achieve perfect reproduction when printed (on archival paper, with archival inks) through my lab.  If you do choose to print elsewhere, I am not responsible for print color errors or changes that lab may make to the image when ordered through any other lab than my own.

Copyrights: Nope, sorry. I retain the copyrights to all the images, which allows me to use the images on my website, submit for publication, etc. No image may be reproduced or altered in any manner without our explicit consent.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

I recommend booking at least 6-12 months in advance. My wedding season (summer-autumn) fills up quickly. I only take a limited number of weddings to ensure my creative energy and time for each couple! 

Should the bride and groom see each other before the wedding (aka the 'first look')? 

Seeing one another before the ceremony gives the bride and groom a chance to BREATHE, flirt, chat, and take in the moment. I also have the chance to do a majority of your couple's portraits before the ceremony so that you are still looking your best, are not quite exhausted from the long and busy day, and then your guests don't typically have to wait around afterwards. See my blog post HERE  for a little more in depth information.

What kind of album do you provide and what are the costs?

All of my stunning 'Fine Art heirloom quality albums are flush mount (lays flat when opened) with various covers ranging from fabric, leather to custom image wrap. Sizes vary from 8x8, 10x10, 12x12. Printed on high-quality paper with archival ink. The price depends on number of pages, cover material, size of the album, and extra additions such as cover embossing or a wood storage box. It takes 2 weeks to design an album and an additional 4-6 weeks until it is mailed to you. I will bring examples, cover material samples, and lots of information for you to look over when we meet!

 I also provide a 'duplicate parent album discount' if you order a second identical album in a smaller size. These are great options for parents. Or, if parents would like a slightly different album, I offer a slightly simpler 'Add-On Album' that can be designed to their liking.

Will you be posting about our wedding on your social media sites and submit to wedding magazines and blogs?

Yes, I will be posting my selected favorites on my business Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as a full sneak peek on my blog. I do not submit all the weddings I've shot to magazines and wedding blogs, but if I do, I always ask for your permission and for a little quote of your experience/highlights of you wedding day.

Should we order an album since we have the digitals?

Fifty years from now, where will your iPad be? Your computer? and your USB? What about one hundred and fifty years from now? Or longer?

Technology is changing. Can you imagine losing those photographs and not being able to show your grand children your wedding photos on their own wedding day? Do you have the digital copies of photos from ten years ago on that old laptop? Or were they lost?

You'll receive hundreds of images, but not everyone can enjoy sitting down and scrolling through them one by one. They'll be forgotten on facebook, or the next big social media site. Professional prints and albums of archival quality will be the only physical memories left (excluding your weddings rings and spouse of course!). They will sit nicely on your shelf, hang proudly on your walls, and nestle beautifully in your album, passed down generations upon generations.

Where do you travel?

Anywhere and everywhere. Seriously, I'm obsessed with traveling to shoot weddings all over the world.  I adore finding the beauty in a new and exotic destination, and promise to capture everything about your experience regardless of whether it's in my backyard (Arkansas), my hometown (Phoenix) or my 'home' (San Diego). Need proof? Click here!

Who is your second photographer?

I have a variety of fabulous photographers I work with who have similar styles to mine. Don't worry, they'll do us both proud!