why do I do what

I do?

This photo of my grandparents on their wedding day - over 70 years ago - is one of my most cherished possessions. I came across it years ago and was drawn to it for some unknown reason, but as I grew as a photographer, I began to realize why. The image is a moment in time, captured in perfect simplicity. It's a candid photo, taken by a relative, no doubt. My grandfather's proud gleaming smile, and my grandmother's demure smirk as she admires her timeless dress. It captures their relationship perfectly, and it's a glimpse into the start of my family, the start of THEIR family - before they were my grandparents or even parents.

 Pondering this photo and my role in a couple's wedding day has shaped my 'why' in what I do as your photographer. I strive to capture those beautiful little moments and memories on your day, and those images that, 70 years from now, a grandson or granddaughter will see a photo of their grandparents, on their wedding day, and get a truly cherished glimpse into the love that started their family all those years ago.

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my grandparents on their day