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Gina and Stephen’s Pratt Place Engagement shoot is easily one of my favorite sessions that I’ve done at this beautiful Northwest Arkansas wedding venue.  This sun-drenched, engagement Photography Session was such a great time with such a sweet and fun couple.  These two are absolutely adorable (even when they’re trying to decide whether the Gators […]

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Mark Forbis -

Awesome photos!!! We need some of these for the house!

Irene Wharry -

Super cute! What a sweet couple.

Case Wharry -

LOL at the chomp vs Hog call.

When Jordianna contacted me about doing some beautiful anniversary photos for her and her husband, I was thrilled at the idea!  Typically I am working with newly engaged or newly married couples, so capturing a couple that has been married for 4 years was a whole new kind of session, and quite a treat!  To […]

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Today is the day!!  I am over the moon with excitement and THRILLED to introduce you to the all new Simply Bliss Photography!  This brand is more than just pretty colors and gorgeous graphics (although it is ALL of that – Rachael of Earl & Layne did an amazing job) – but this is ME. […]

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Kaylin Gilkey -

I like Simply Bliss Photography on facebook.

Kaylin Gilkey -

I follow Simply Bliss Photography and Anthropologie on instagram

Kaylin Gilkey -

One of my favorite aspects of your new site design is the font! The curly, pretty font–like how your name is stylized at the end of this page “Christy”. Congratulations on a whole new website design! I’ve been really wanting to get on top of making over my current healthy living/food blog. I need to buy my domain, get a website design, switch all of my old posts over to my new site…it seems like a lot to handle! Hopefully I can figure it out this Summer.

Kaylin Gilkey -

I shared on facebook!

Pamela Gauthier -

I love the feel and care that you put into the new site. It feels cool, inviting, elegant, and inspired… Just like you

Kelsey Collins Greer -

I LOVE the turquoise and the gold accents, especially the feminine script font. Great changes :]

Heather Shook -

My favorite part of the website is the “about Christy” part. Your passion and excitement for photography shows through with every statement and photo you included!

Lanye Bush -

My favorite part about your new site? The fact that it is YOU.

Sarah Walter Kordsmeier -

I’ve never seen a website like it! I love it all…the details, the photographs, the personality. Wonderful work!

Elizabeth Reeves -

My favorite part is the contact form! Very “mad libs”…so cute and fun!

Earl & Layne -

XOXO sweet girl! You deserve all the success in the world and it was so incredible creating this gorgeous new you, with all the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. So excited for what the future holds for you!

Corrie Childers -

My favorite part is ALL the watercolor themed parts! Eek! So beautiful!!

Sarah Clemmons -

Christy, I love the watercolor feel of the website, the color, the pictures, the clever “Contact Me” form, and how people can really get a taste who you are from seeing the things you love! I had no idea that you loved lilacs and sparkly things…or did I? At any rate, it’s beautiful. Well done! And this giveaway…whoa!

Jennifer Medeiros -

I LOVE the watercolor effects. Absolutely beautiful and very unique!

Emily Gorton -

I like the style – it makes everything seem romantic and “dreamy” – just what you envision your “big day” to be!

Nicole Picht -

I love the new colors and the font. And all the galleries of your gorgeous work is amazing. Ok so thats more than one thing but it is all great. Congrats Christy

One of my favorite things about being a Fayetteville Engagement Photographer is THIS time of year….fall – the gorgeous fall colors!  The beautiful, warm autumn foliage was a perfect backdrop for Lindsay and Cody’s engagement photos.  Easily the longest and most fun engagement session I’ve shot.  We had three different locations, and spent 3.5 hours […]

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Jessica Hekman -

OH my goodness, those colors!!!!!!! How gorgeous! What a beautiful session, good job!

Karen D -

Wow! Those colors! Those ring shots! The adorable couple! Love it!

Heather Weems -

OMG!! I love the ring shots!!! Such a beautiful session with so much variety! Great job!!

Kate Breuer -

Love the ones by the fence! So cute!

Angie -

What a GORGEOUS engagement session! I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to! Fayetteville is lucky to have you!

Jen -

What a colorful and gorgeous Fayetteville engagement session! I am in love with all of these photos! Great work Simply Bliss!!!

ashley eiban -

wow! these are beautiful! Fayetteville has the best locations and THAT LIGHT! You did such an amzing job capturing their love and happiness! I am obsessed with these beautiful fall colors!!

Desiree -

Adorable engagement photos! Hopefully you’re shooting their wedding, can’t wait to see it!

Kathryn Bruns -

WOW! Such amazing colors from beginning to end, I absolutely love this! It’s nice to see some color right now, it’s all gloomy and dead here in Utah. Now I’d really love to visit Arkansas in the fall sometime! I’m also loving the ring shots, not only is it a gorgeous engagement ring but the shot setup is wonderful!

I’m also obsessing over the canoe shots, I so badly want to shoot an engagement session in a canoe! Great posing as well, very well done Christy!

Briana -

Wow! I am in love with the colors in this engagement photo session! Where in Northwest Arkansas is this??